6 hours to feel better at work


When I teach a course, 99% of people want quick fixes to feel better. How can I feel better physically? To have more energy? To unwind? To find balance in my work and personal life? To have time for myself?

Connecting within yourself is the key to functioning well.

To connect is to feel your body; to have knowledge of your feelings and needs. To be guided by your intuition when you need to make decisions, carry out your ideas and guide your team.

Connecting is the key to knowing your values as well as what and how you can contribute those to the goals of your company. I believe that few things give us as much satisfaction as feeling that we contribute to the lives of others just by being who we really are.


Connect and




by what you radiate...

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Whether you work for yourself or for others you probably have many things on your plate and the feeling that you are always behind.

You are in the center of the hurricane

Pressure, goals, misunderstandings, frustration, and exhaustion: all of these affect your health and your personal life. You live to work and to recover from work.

It also worsens the quality of your work: you concentrate worse, are in a bad mood, make mistakes and react with harshness. As much as you enjoy your work, you end up fed up or burnt out.

Intrducing Embrace

A 6 hours training program teaching practical and realistic tools to handle day-to-day pressure.


“When I take care of myself, everything goes better. I feel less pressure, think more clearly, and handle complicated situations better. The first step is to take care of myself. That makes all the difference”.



Satisfaction is the result of connection

You do not know how long you are going to have to work, or under what conditions before you can retire. What you know is that you want to live. You need to find a balance and purpose that is right for you now.

Manage the pressure

This training program uses personal coaching and the Alexander technique to improve your performance at work and in daily life. It teaches practical and realistic tools to handle day-to-day pressure.

A single, effective tool

It is surprising how a single tool based on the principles of the Alexander Technique serves to improve your posture, manage your emotions and train your executive abilities.

A practical training

This is a practical training. You will take part in reviewing real case studies. You will be able to discuss your personal doubts as well as those of others in your group.


Learn these effective techniques step by step in a single day, with a simple method, and with a clear and structured application plan.

I believe connection is the missing link for many people to finding the calm within the storm of life’s demands.

“How come no one told me this before?

It should be required in school. This course teaches you fundamental aspects of human behavior that most people don't know about or overlook”.

Today you will learn basic things about how your body works, how you learn, what your needs are, how to take care of yourself and what are the realistic changes you can make in your life from now on.

Of course, it requires 15 minutes of daily practice. If you are not willing to practice, you can do two things:

1) You could not come and continue as you are.

2) Talk to me. Together we will discuss your situation and what life could look if you would be willing to devote 15 minutes to your self-care.

what will I walk away with? 


After this training you will:

Know your body. It's amazing how a basic understanding of what it is and how it functions can greatly improve your health, your movement, and your posture.

Regulate your emotions. Recognize sensations, emotions and needs in your body. You can connect with them, set limits and act accordingly, resolving situations in a way that does not hurt you.

Focus your attention with ease. Having a clear purpose and aligning it with your body allows you to stay focused on your task and achieve your goals.

Create a healthy balance for your life. You will learn essential self-care techniques to meet your personal needs as well as feel satisfied in both your work and day-to-day life.


“I was very surprised! I thought this course was going to be like, "do this, do that, yada, yada." I am left instead with the importance of knowing myself and knowing how to connect my body with my mind and my emotions. I thought they were independent things. I feel much better. Thank you very much!”

“María, in my experience you take people deep into their consciousness. You hold space for self-reflection about the things that are really important to each of us. You listen to our thoughts as well to our bodies. You are good at taking care of individual needs in a group context. I’ve learned lots about empathy. This is a very comprehensive training”.




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An investment in your future


This training is a big first step.

I do not need to promise you the best version of yourself. You are enough. What I promise you is more connection within yourself, whatever you do.

This training is for anyone from managers to entry-level workers. Professionals who, like me, depend 100% on their own resources for a long career. Even more important for men or women who are in charge of leading others, whether you are a boss, parent or caregiver.

Without generic, one-size-fits-all formulas, this course instead offers great clarity, adapting 100% to your needs. You will be able to lead, direct teams, make your own proposals and present them to any public feeling satisfied with what you do.

If you want to apply it to your particular case or you feel more comfortable in a private and 100% personal environment, let's talk.



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Real testimonials from real people. As they arise in a context of intimacy, I keep them anonymous.

“So often I´m angry but I don´t know why: what is causing it, what is the reason? Today I'm going home knowing what my feelings are, the exact reason behind them and with the tools to work through it if I want”.

“You saved me from one of the worst weeks at work in 12 years! I've been on the verge of not showing up. I'm glad I did. You helped me to understand what was happening and how I could take the reins to bring it back”.

“I’m highly sensitive and feel easily overwhelmed. This course gave me the confidence to know that with these simple practices I can get clarity back and focus my energy on what really matters to me”.

“I´ve always had many back problems. I didn't know I was able to release SO much in 10 minutes”.

“I was so surprised to find how relaxing my body changed my mental state. I felt totally different by the end of the practice”.

“There´s one thing that blocks me in my day to day life: having my mind elsewhere and not being able to concentrate. When there is a lot of fuss around me, I get very tense. I can´t make my coworkers stop talking, but what I have learned today has made me see that I can relax and be focused on my work despite the noise”.

“My takeaway from thiá course is a tool to change habits. I have learned to listen to my body and to adopt a better posture but I can also apply this to other habits that are not only physical”.

“I´m a very active person. I find myself doing lots of things and not knowing why or what for. Today I´ve learned to take time before moving to the next thing and giving a clear purpose to it”.

“After this course, I know what self-control is. I' can stop reacting on auto-pilot and think through what I should do before I do it. I feel more relaxed”.

“I'm leaving with much more energy than I started ... 6 hours ago! Super fun. I give you a 10!"